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Òran Uisge

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Òran Uisge  (Gaelic for song of water) is a wild flower meadow which runs along the banks of the river Roskhill. The meadow is part of the original croft now owned by Sue and Warren. The croft Number 1 Roskhill has not been grazed by livestock for over 20 years.

The meadow has over 50 varieties of wild flowers, which first appear in May right through to late September. These range from a sea of bluebells in May, three types of orchid in June and July and Meadowsweet and Red Valarian in late summer. The scents from the flowers can be intoxicating and can lift your spirits.

     I enjoy writing this blog because, I love nature. I would like to  inspire others to love nature too. The love of nature is a wonderful gift that, gives you free pleasure for your entire life.

Favourite quote

“If you truly love Nature,

you will find beauty


Van Gogh




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