Garden & Croft


Polytunnel April 2021

mangetout sprouting

The weather is warming up and it is time to start planting seeds. The temperatures are still very cold at night, so we need to cover delicate seedlings with fleece.

preparing the raised beds for flowers in the sitting area.

We made a two tiered raised bed for planting flowers to act as a screen along the side of the polytunnel. This will provide some privacy and a bit of shade from the sun.

bell peppers and sweetcorn

The vegetables are starting to sprout as the days pass.


Polytunnel march 2021

preparing the deep beds ready to grow

Each deep bed took 16 wheelbarrows full of topsoil, which Warren dug from the croft. We top-dressed the beds with well-rotted horse manure and compost.

Then waited for the Spring to warm up.

fruit trees and shrubs

We bought several fruit trees and shrubs for the polytunnel, which were in a dormant state. Patio plum tree, which has two varieties grafted onto the root base. Tzar (black plum) and Victoria. There are two blueberry shrubs and a kiwi vine.

preparing the sitting area

We placed a table and chairs at the top of the polytunnel to enjoy a well-earned rest.

A perfect G&T spot too.

I hoped for a wonderful place full of flowers. I was delighted with the outcome at the end of the Spring.

More to follow


Snow, Snow, Snow

We had a covering of snow overnight. The temperature dropped to -8.8c, the coldest night of the Winter, so far.

The lane to the croft

The lane to the croft was covered in snow.

polytunnel covered in snow
removing snow from the top of the polytunnel

We have the tropical fruit vines and shrubs wrapped up in horticultural fleece to protect them from cold temperatures. Roll on the Spring!

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