Giving Wildlife a Helping Hand

Log pile

We always like to give wildlife a helping hand in the garden. Here is an image of the log pile we placed for frogs, toads and other small creatures.

Nesting box

We placed two nesting boxes in the garden in February and both were used successfully. This box in the image was used to rear a family of blue tits. The second box was used by great tits. The adults enlarged the access hole by stripping away splinters of wood. The fledglings are frequent visitors to the bird table.

One cheeky blue tit sits on the bird feeder and searches frantically for sunflower seeds. As he does this he scatters the rest of the seeds all over the ground. The robins and blackbirds take advantage of this wonderful bounty.

pile of shrub cuttings

We pile old cuttings from trees and shrubs under the conifer at the bottom of the garden. The heap is tucked away from view and is a perfect habitat for hedgehogs. We have found hedgehog droppings on the back patio recently ( a friendly gift). We have very little trouble from slugs and snails in the garden. A perfect pest control.



Deep Bed Vegetables

We created a deep bed 100cm by 360cm o the croft. We filled it with a layer of shrub cuttings, well rotted horse manure and compost. We covered the bed with hoops and special insect mesh from the company “Gardending naturally”. This mesh allows rain water through, protects from wind damage and keeps insects out.

The bed has been very successful we can hardly keep up with eating the vegetables.

packed with vegetables

Sweetheart cabbage, Rainbow chard, Curly Kale, Cavolo Nero and Swiss chard.

Huge sweetheart cabbage for dinner tonight
Garden and croft


Meet Hey-Hey

We have always wanted to have chickens and took the opportunity to build a coop and run during lockdown.

we added a run under the sycamore tree.
we allow the chickens to roam around the garden every afternoon.

The chickens keep the lawn weed free. However, they love to excavate the ground under the bird table. They are very entertaining and follow us all over the garden, looking for food. They are amazing at catching voles and mice ( poor little creatures). We now get 4 eggs every morning. We are purchasing two more in September from Donald Hen, the Skye hen man.