Sue and Warren moved to Dunshee, Roskhill in April 1997 and immediately discovered just,  what a special place Roskhill is. There is an abundance of birds, wildflowers and a beautiful river setting. The lane from the house leads to an old bridge which crosses the river Roskhill. Opposite the bridge is the gate which leads onto the township land still used for grazing sheep and cattle. There is a very pleasant walk adjacent to the river featuring unspoiled views of the moor and mountains. There is a tranquil pool where you can sit and pass the time of day or cool your feet in the peaty water. The Skylarks return to breed in April and you can hear their melodic song as you enjoy your surroundings.

Dunshee has catered for many guests from all over the world for the last twenty years. In 2017 we created the King Suite for two, providing a first class bed and breakfast haven.

We welcome you for a wonderful stay in our home.